We began in 2000 as a training company and we are called the Centre for Customer Care (CCC) Malaysia, a one-stop solutions provider to assist organisations achieve maximum profit through service excellence. 

Then in 2003, to add fun to our customer service seminars, we reinvented our programme and included drums and percussions as a fun way to learn about customer called "CUSTOMER SERVICE in RHYTHM". We started with 30 African drums called djembes and began building up our drums until 1000 drums today. 

One day, a client of ours said that like to use our drums for their teambuilding event for 100 pax, and that's how we embarked on our unique event called "BUILDING TEAMS THROUGH RHYTHM". Having conducted our Drum Circle Playshop (DCP) events for so may multinationals, we remain as trainers/consultants at heart and thus we always linked our DCP with learning subjects such as Customer Service, Motivation, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Stress Management, Emotions Management and our most popular programme called Performance Under Pressure (PUP).

-  Dr Allen Teh (Founder & Owner) 

About our company 

We've been around since 2003 ... going strong

2015 is our very special year ... expanding overseas..  we now have offices in kunming, krabi, phuket, bali, bandung, manila and davao. where airasia goes, we can go!!


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